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Beaded Bracelets - EVERGREEN

Beaded Bracelets - EVERGREEN

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- Handmade Beaded Bracelets
- Made to Order

A: 3mm seed beads, 3mm gold-plated spacer beads, & 4mm gemstone on elastic string
B: 3mm seed beads & 7mm millefiori glass bead on elastic string
C: 4mm seed beads, 4mm gold-plated spacer beads, & irregular chipped class crystals on elastic string
D: 5-6mm freshwater pearls and 3mm seed beads on elastic string

* The seed beads and pearls naturally vary slightly in size.

* Although we use pretty thick strings & jewelry glue, these can break if pulled too hard. Make sure not to pull hard on the bracelet!

(For your reference, average size: Child <5 = 5.5 inches Female Adult = 7-inches)

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