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Cellphone Crossbody Lanyard / Strap / Necklace - ROYGBIV

Cellphone Crossbody Lanyard / Strap / Necklace - ROYGBIV

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- Handmade Beaded Cellphone Strap
- Wear it as a crossbody, necklace or around the wrist. Also great for badges :)
- Customizable & Made to Order

 One-of-a-kind, made-to-order, each lanyard is unique! Actual product may have slightly different bead combinations! 


Material: Acrylic pony beads & shape beads on heavy-duty paracord.
Length: 21-inches (from shoulder to phone)


* Attachment adapter pad included. Can be used with any fully-covered hard case on any phone! Does not cover the charging port.

* Can add initial or name/word and make it a specific length if desired (send us an email or chat with your order number and your request within an hour of placing your order)

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